Our Mission:

Permanent Affordability.

We expand affordable homeownership opportunities for families with low to moderate incomes so that they are able to live or remain in the communities of their choice.


Our Vision

Increased affordable housing opportunities for first-time homebuyers in Raleigh and Wake County using the Community Land Trust model. Our investments protect neighborhoods from the affordable housing crisis by ensuring working families can afford to live in their community and by keeping homes in their community affordable for generations to come


Area of Impact

The Raleigh Area Land Trust serves low- to moderate-income adults and families (60-80% AMI) living in Raleigh and Wake County and more specifically areas affected most by displacement such as southeast Raleigh.

5.4% Housing Increase (3).png

Increase in median home price

In 2018 alone, Raleigh saw the median home price jump by 5.4% to $303,000. The Raleigh Area Land Trust plans to lower the cost of homes for sale in its portfolio through stipends, opening the door for new homeowners in Raleigh and Wake County.

_50% Income (2).png

43,000 residents spend >50% of income on housing

Out of Wake County’s 1 million residents, nearly 43,000 spend more than 50% of their income on housing and nearly one in four pays more than 30%. Housing is defined as affordable if a family pays no more than 30% of their income on housing and utilities. We want to offer another option for affordable homeownership—permanently.

Positive effects (2).png

Positive community impacts

Research shows homeownership imparts a variety of positive individual, family, neighborhood, and community impacts—especially in low- to moderate- income families. We want to offer more opportunities across our communities in Raleigh and Wake County.


In-kind services

Are you a realtor, builder, lawyer, or professional with a service to donate to the homeownership process? Help us keep our costs low by becoming a skilled volunteer.

Make a Donation

We make homes affordable by supplying subsidies to each homeowner. Your contribution helps us make homeownership a reality for more families.